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تیغه بوالدوزر

bulldozer blade

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Buy a bulldozer blade Bulldozer corners and blades are important and practical components of the substructure of various road construction machines such as bulldozers. In fact, the bulldozer blade is the main operational unit of the bulldozer in moving soil. The bulldozer blade is divided into different dimensions according to the need in different uses […]

باکت بولدوزر

Bulldozer bucket

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Bulldozer bucket The bulldozer bucket is installed in front of the bulldozer and is one of the main components of this device and has a great impact on the performance of the bulldozer. The bulldozer bucket has larger dimensions and less arch than the loader bucket and excavator. How to use a bulldozer bucket The […]


Congress-shaped bush

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Bush Hydroken Congress From the congressional bush and the hydroconcrete crusher, which is used as a secondary crusher in crushing operations, the crushing operation is performed by spacing the distance between the concave mantle. The rotation of the hydraulic crusher shaft occurs by means of a string and a congressional bush at the bottom of […]

کانکیو منتل

Conqueror Mantels Hydroken

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What is Conqueror Mantel? Conquer mantle is one of the main and important components in hydrocone crushers. In fact, Conquio and Mantel are two vital components that make up a crusher. These parts are made of manganese and have good resistance to crushing and wear. When the rock enters the conical crusher, crushing is done […]

سنگ شکن هیدروکن

Hydrocone Crusher

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In order to know the price of the Hydroken crusher and to buy it, it is possible for you to consult with the experts of the electricity sales unit for the necessary advice about the required product and how to use it. +98-2165813054 +98-2165813057 +98-9126592135

سنگ شکن فکی

Jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is one of the types of crushers that is placed at the beginning of the crushing process, where it is responsible for crushing large and large stones and minerals and turning them into crushed stone. Jaw crusher is usually one of the main types of crushers. Familiarity with jaw crusher Although manganese steel […]

چکش کوبیت

Qubit hammer, qubit crusher

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Cubit hammer The qubit hammer is used in qubit crushers or impact crushers, qubit crushers are placed in a row inside the qubit crusher for crushing. When the feed enters the crushing unit, the rocks hit the Kombit anvils very hard, and thus the crushing operation is done by the Kubit hammer. Get information and […]