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What is Conqueror Mantel?

Conquer mantle is one of the main and important components in hydrocone crushers. In fact, Conquio and Mantel are two vital components that make up a crusher. These parts are made of manganese and have good resistance to crushing and wear. When the rock enters the conical crusher, crushing is done by Conquio and Mantel and under very high pressure of hydrocone crusher.

The task of Conqueror and Mantel Hydraken
Cone crushers such as hydrocone, which are used in secondary crushers, perform the crushing operation by closing the gap between the conqueror mantle. The gap between the concave and the mantle and the rotation of the crusher cause the operation to take place. In this case, by changing the opening of Conquio and Mantel by jack, the output load can be changed as needed.

In different mining and road construction conditions, large stones are very difficult in the work path. Conquer mantle and hydrocone crusher make it possible to crush large stones and turn them into small stones and can be used in sand factories. Also be used.

Dimensions of Conqueror Mantel

In the 36-inch Hydrocone Crusher, the mouth of the Conqueror Mantle is 36 inches and has a conical shape. This difference in dimensions is due to the fact that in some cases the dimensions of the feed stones for crushing are different and Conquio Mantel is selected based on the dimensions of the stones. On the other hand, the output of this crusher will be different if its dimensions are changed, and each of these dimensions has its own uses.

Use Conquio Mantel

Concio mantels with different coatings are commonly used in crushers for crushing or crushing crumbs. Becomes. But in larger dimensions, Conquio Mantel crusher should have larger dimensions.

How Conquimental works

In Hydrocone Crusher, the crushing operation is done by closing the conchio and mantle. In this crusher, the distance between the conchio mantle is reduced, and the movement of the moving part, ie mantle, and the strength of the fixed part, ie conchio, the crushing operation takes place. The main shaft plays an important role in the crushing operation by holding the drum from different parts.

Conquio Mantel structure

Conquio and Mantel with their conical structure changes the size of the output load if the distance between Conquio and Mantel changes. The mantle is placed on the head center shaft and the distance between the conch and the mantle can be changed. The lower part of the mantle is molded to fit the size of the head center. In this case, the output product is measurable and for various uses, a suitable feed product can be received.

Adjust the distance between Conquio and Mantel

The machine is operated by an operator and he can adjust the mantle by Jack Hydroken, that is, to increase or decrease the distance between the conch and the mantle to achieve the final product with different dimensions. In various hydraulic devices, Conquer Mantel has a manual or digital jack. In the digital mode, in case of wind, the shaft immediately moves the metal parts to the machine to prevent damage to the machine.

Types of Concio Mantel models:

Mantel 2, Mantel 4
Conquio and Mantel 36-2, Conquio Mantel 36-3, Conquio and Mantel 36-4, Conquio and Mantel 36-5, Conquio and Mantel 36-6 / 5, Conquio Mantel 36-7, Conquio Mantel 36-8, Conquio Mantel 36-2, Conquio Mantel 36-3, Conqueror Mantel 36-4, Conqueror Mantel 36-5, Conqueror Mantel 36-6 / 5, Mantel Conqueror 36-7, Mantel Conqueror 36-8

Mantel 4 with:

Kankio 4

Kankio 5

Kankio 5/6

Kankio 7

Kankio 8

Hydroken Model 36-2 with Mantel 2 Conquio 2 and Topchel 4
Hydroken Model 36-3 with Mantel 2 Conquio 4 and Topchel 4
Hydroken Model 36-4 with Mantel 4 Conquio 4 and Topchel 4
Hydroken Model 36-5 with Mantel 4 Conquio 5 and Topchel 5
Hydroken model 36-6 / 5 with Mantel 4 Conquio 5.6 and Topchel 5.6
Hydroken Model 36-8 with Mantel 4 Conquio 8 and Topchel 8
Conqueror Mantel Hydroken
Kankio Hydroken
Mantel Hydroken

The reason for using Conquio Mantel in different sizes

Crushing rocks in different dimensions requires the use of different types of Conquer Mantle, the dimensions of Conquer Mantle depend on the volume of the stone to get the best results using Hydrocone.

To determine the output materials of Conquio Mantel, the output dimensions should be selected and different dimensions of Conquer Mantel should be used as needed. These devices operate completely flexible based on your need for output.

Conqueror Mantel Hydroken

Conquio and Mantel are the most important components of Hydrocon that are worn due to high activity and this action leads to a reduction in operating efficiency of this device. For this reason, it is necessary to repair or replace the course of this device. Although this equipment is made of manganese steel metal, it is still not possible to imagine a very long lifespan for Conquio Mantel. However, Raahsanat, a manufacturer of road construction equipment, has made it easy for your loved ones to find the highest quality equipment at the most appropriate price by providing the best types of any tools in the direction of the road construction industry.

How this device works is as follows:

The crushing process in this type of cone crusher, which is used as a secondary crusher, is done by closing the distance between the mantle (located on the main shaft) and the concave (which is installed inside the main body of the device, ie the top shell). The gap is opened and closed by an eccentric located at the bottom of the main shaft, which causes the main shaft to rotate. By changing the size of the open span between the mantle and the canopy, the output load can be resized as needed by the lifting jack.

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Uses of Conquio Mantel

The product of many stone mines is used as a building material in construction and road construction. It is extracted according to the type of need based on the dimensions of the final product. In various industries such as facade stones, ceramics and tiles and the interior of the building are also connected in different ways with crushing tools and Conqueror Mantel. In fact, the art of Conqueror Mantel, and in general the crushing and hydraulic systems, is the construction of all kinds of building materials, road construction and sand.

If we want to use Conquio Mantel Hydrocone Crusher as the primary crusher, we have to change the size of the topsoil. For example, in Hydroken Crusher, Conquer Mantel with dimensions of Mantel 2 and Mantel 4 is used next to Conqueror 2 and Conqueror 4. In these conditions, the crusher operates with sand-making conditions. It should be noted that in both cases, Topshel 4 is used. But if we want the output product to be bigger, we have to use Mantel 4 along with Conquio 5, 6.5, 7 and Conquio 8.

Conquio Mantel Price

Raahsanat provides and supplies all kinds of road-building equipment and parts required by this industry, with experienced and specialized staff ready to serve your projects. Offering various types of Conquio Mantel with different dimensions, the best price and the highest price for your use, dear ones. Due to market fluctuations and existing issues, inquire about prices only by contacting the following numbers.

In the way of industry, with years of experience, you can provide other road construction equipment such as crushing equipment, qubit hammer, parker hammer, congress bush, etc. with the most appropriate price and the highest quality. After you contact the sales department of Raahsanat and after finding the necessary advice and completing the order, your purchase is ready to be sent and delivered immediately and you can receive it in the fastest possible time and at the same time have very high quality. Be assured of the fit of the Kenneth Mantel and the product purchased.

Buy Conquimental

It is easily possible to buy all kinds of road construction equipment and provide it in the way of industry. You can easily get the product you want by contacting our experts. You can get the price list of Conquimentel, its types and any other road construction equipment that you need in this store at the most appropriate price.

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