Jaw crusher

تماس بگیرید

Jaw crusher is one of the types of crushers that is placed at the beginning of the crushing process, where it is responsible for crushing large and large stones and minerals and turning them into crushed stone. Jaw crusher is usually one of the main types of crushers.

Familiarity with jaw crusher

Although manganese steel metal has been used in the preparation and construction of jaw crushers to increase the life and reduce friction and wear of parts, most of the parts of this crusher are still used and after a certain period of time there is a need to replace the parts.

Provide jaw crusher and all its parts through industry


As mentioned, in the first stage of crushing, a jaw crusher is used in which the stones are broken and crushed inside the machine by a moving plate and a fixed plate with compressive and shear force between the plates. It is worth mentioning that the capacity and dimensions of the jaw crusher are different and in some cases, they have the ability to crush 6,000 tons of stone per hour.

Components and components of jaw crusher

Main components of jaw crusher:

Power transmitter
Power generator
Jaws and pull rods
Crusher body
Product grain adjustment device

Jaw crusher parts

Fixed jaw
Movable jaw
Crusher shaft
Movable jaw and shaft
Jaw armor
Belt wheels
Regulating screws
Jaw turning spring
Movable jaw arms
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